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My First Month At Town&Country

June 25th, 2015 cekean17

Dear Devoted Readers,

First of all, let me start by introducing myself. My name is Caroline Keane, and  I am a soon-to-be junior at Holy Cross. This summer, I was absolutely blessed beyond measure with the opportunity to intern under Holy Cross alum, Micaela English, at Town&Country magazine. I am a longtime fan of the magazine, and an even bigger fan of the website, which Micaela spearheaded. When I found out that I was going to be interning at Town&Country on the digital side, in THE Hearst Tower, I cried tears of joy and immediately telephoned my parents (they were surprised I actually got an internship and wouldn’t be spending another summer folding (spending all my money on) clothes at J. Crew).

I am originally from Arlington, VA, right outside of DC. The only real time I have spent in NYC has been with my family, doing the typical touristy things (ok, visiting the American Girl store) and taking cabs everywhere. I knew absolutely nothing about the different neighborhoods of NYC or how to navigate the complex subway system. So, in addition to landing the internship of my dreams (really, it’s the internship of my dreams.. more on that later), I get to spend the summer exploring the city of dreams/ the city that never sleeps. Four weeks later, and I am still in complete and total shock that I am even here.

My official title is “Digital Media Intern,” which sounds so official, and very Millennial, seeing as we are the digital generation. I am responsible for finding and sourcing images to post onto the Town&Country Instagram. I think this is probably one of my favorite parts of my internship because I am obsessed with Instagram (@carolineekeane) and it’s been really eye-opening to see how a major magazine uses social media platforms to engage with its readers and attract new followers.

I have also been writing articles for the Town & Country website (!!!!!!). I am so excited about this because I had no idea that I would be writing for a national website and I can’t believe that my written work is out there in the real world, and that people are reading it. Producing content for the website is also the most challenging part of my internship because I have to adapt/ tailor my voice toward a certain audience. This is very different from the academic writing that I do for my classes or even what I do for Her Campus.

In addition to posting onto the social media platforms and writing, I have also been attending quite a few events for T&C, which have been unreal. My favorite thus far has been the summer garden party at the Frick Collection. I am pretty much in love with the Rococo style, so being able to explore the museum freely, with mini lobster-roll in tow was truly a once in a lifetime kind of thing.

Anyways, I think I bragged enough about my life and my amazing internship for one post! I will write again soon.

Thanks for reading,

Caroline Keane

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